HTML Target for Air (WebGL / WebAssembly)

На сайте Adobe вдруг оживилось голосование в теме HTML Target for Air (WebGL / WebAssembly).
Можете проголосовать по ссылке

«With the Flash plugin on the demise, it would be a great solution for Adobe to offer WebGL or WebAssembly as a new target for the Air compiler. We need a compiler target from AS3 to HTML for existing codebases, just like you could export your Flash project to mobile with the Air compiler.

Limitiations are acceptable, we would have the same limitations in other technologies as well, and maybe WebAssembly would allow feature parity at some point.
I also encourage Adobe to consider making this a premium feature to assure the return of investment. The companies that need this feature to keep their content and games relevant will be able and willing to pay for this.»
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